London Harris

Stephanie Walker

Clinical Practice Leader of University Relations, Site Coordinator of Clinical Education

Stephanie received her Bachelor's degree in Exercise Science from Florida State University and her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from the University of North Florida. After moving from Florida to NYC in 2019, Stephanie joined FOX as a Physical Therapist on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.

As a New Grad, she completed the Emerging Professionals Mentor Program and later became a mento. She transitioned into the role of Regional Quality Assurance Liaison in 2021 which allowed her to provide documentation and clinical support to her colleagues. In 2023, Stephanie moved into the role of Clinical Practice Leader of University Relations and Site Coordinator of Clinical Education and she is excited to support students and continue to build strong relationships with universities.
Outside of work, she likes yoga, runing, lifting weights, and playing softball. She also enjoys going to fancy dinners with friends, playing her guitar and piano, and trying new foods/exploring new cultures during her trips abroad!