Emerging Professionals Mentor Program
At FOX, you get a head start at starting out. If you have fewer than six months of experience, you are assigned a dedicated mentor.

The FOX Emerging Professionals Mentor Program (EPMP) helps you become a successful, well-rounded professional. It takes the uncertainty out of your new job. You have the opportunity to become extraordinary in a practice built on patient-centered, evidence-based care, and lifelong learning.


  • A dedicated mentor who reduces their caseload while mentoring you
  • Help to establish goals and expectations
  • A comprehensive program manual
  • A gradual progression of patient care
  • Training for geriatric-specific clinical skills
  • Guidance for proper documentation and other admin tasks

FOX Incentive Plan

FOX rewards hard work. As a newly graduated professional and an active colleague in good standing, you are eligible for base salary increases—depending upon contracted quota, performance, and market conditions—both at the end of your first and second years of completion with FOX.


FOX offers clinical internships at some of the nation’s top universities. Check at your school to see if FOX internships are available.

A closer look

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Emerging Professionals Mentor Program
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