Student & University Partnership Opportunities
At FOX Rehabilitation, clinical education is more than a professional responsibility—it’s a passion. We believe that the growing geriatric population relies more and more on our profession; therefore, a solid foundation working with older adults is vital to our student’s training and to the growth of our profession. Through clinical experiences with FOX, we hope to inspire new clinicians to treat older adults with excitement and passion to help them live independent and meaningful lives. Additionally, we have supportive full-time opportunities upon graduation with our highly regarded Emerging Professionals Mentor Program. Check out these videos to see what our team members do on a daily basis.

FOX enjoys relationships with many educational institutions to assist students in translating didactic knowledge into a practical clinical setting with an emphasis on treating the geriatric population in the home environment. Practicing under the direct supervision and guidance of an experienced clinician per the Medicare student guidelines, our Clinical Educators are well trained, dedicated, and enthusiastic. Many of whom are board certified and/or have obtained specialty certifications in other areas of interest.