When you left FOX, we were disappointed—but we understand that we may not have met your expectations. Now, we want to let you know that since you’ve left, we’ve been busy! We’ve addressed the concerns identified by colleagues like you who moved on. The changes we’ve made are so good that we feel there’s never been a better time to rejoin the FOX Family—and we want you back!


These are just a few of the initiatives we’ve been working on to make FOX the best place to work. 
Compensation & Opportunity
Opportunities for Professional and Financial Growth
We continue to work to improve our total rewards packages for all clinicians. We routinely check salary and benefit trends to make sure our total rewards packages are competitive. We’ve also developed programs like PACE and PATH that provide opportunities for professional and financial growth. Most importantly, FOX continues to expand—creating room to grow into leadership roles that pave the way for increased compensation.
New Technology
Efficient Scheduling and Realistic Coverage Areas
Gone are the days of inefficient scheduling and unrealistic coverage area, causing you to lose valuable minutes. Our new tech uses GPS and optimizes clinicians’ schedules by reducing territory size and drive time between patients. Simply put—you’ll spend less time driving!
Work-Life Balance
Reduced Volume of Work Tasked to Clinicians
We’ve focused on the volume of work tasked to our clinicians. The result? New technologies and other supports to take things off your plate. We’ve reduced administrative burden, increased efficiency, and provided helping hands to give back more precious time in your day.

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What's it like
​​​​​​​to come back to fox?

We understand that sometimes there are opportunities that you need to explore. We also realize not all new opportunities lead to better opportunities. If that was your experience, you can find comfort in knowing you are not alone! There are others who left FOX only to realize the grass isn’t “oranger” — and they have come back.