Find your "Why" with FOX.

There are some good “whys” to join FOX in Indiana, and here’s another good one—whether it’s day one or year ten, we value and reward your hard work, positivity, compassion, and clinical excellence.

Why work with FOX?

Why do our Indiana clinicians love working with FOX? Hear directly from them as they share their firsthand experiences and what makes working with us truly special.
I love our culture and community. We have a wonderful supportive team of therapists who believe in improving the lives of our patients. Drew Tran Occupational Therapist
Why I chose FOX ultimately is the autonomy, the ability that I can create my own schedule. I can create my own treatments. Ashley Huber Physical Therapist
I chose FOX and I've stayed with FOX because I wanted to join them on their mission to abolish ageism. Andrew Pingel Physical Therapist

Meet the team who will support you

Colin Hunsberger,   PT, DPT, GCS, CEEAA Senior Regional Director
Shweta Khanna, PT, MSPT Regional Director
Joseph Koley, PT, MPT Regional Director
Shea McGovern Clinical Career