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At FOX, we get it. We understand that there is a spark that motivates us ​​​​​​​to take patients to levels they never thought possible.
When we grow as people and professionals, our drive evolves.
What ignites your passion?
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Autonomy in clinical practice, consistently superior outcomes, professional development—all wrapped up in a single, intrinsic passion that transcends that of any other private practice in the nation—our craft.

We asked FOX clinician Alexandra Germano, PT, DPT, “What drives you?” to which she answered, “My craft.”
Alexandra Germano, PT, DPT


The desire to be part of something bigger, work for it, and be a champion toward it. The fire in your belly; it’s what gets you out of bed in the morning — your cause.

FOX clinician Vidhi Vora, PT, DPT, is driven by the cause to disrupt negative perceptions about aging and help her patients to realize their independence.
Vidhi Vora, PT, DPT


The want and need to surround yourself with like-minded professionals who share the same excitement and craving that drive you to do what you do — your community.

We asked FOX clinician Emily Nahf, PT, DPT, “What drives you?” to which she answered, “My community.” Hear it in her own words:​​​​​​​
Emily Nahf, PT, DPT